“The themes of this play have massive resonance down the decades".

Frances Gibb, Legal Editor, The Times


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“This is an important piece of theatre!”

John Johnson, Reviewer for the British Theatre Guide


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"A touching story!"    "So relevant to today"    

"A MUST SEE PLAY!"    "Moving"


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"Thought provoking and highly relevant to today's world." 

Robert Lynch

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"An incredibly powerful play performed by a highly skilled cast of actors. After show discussion gave depth to the issues raised - an altogether winning package. Hoping this tour goes on and on - should be compulsory viewing for all Law, Politics and History students!"

Mary Burgess


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Quotes from May 15 post-performance panel discussion about the new play Regulation 18B-No Free Man

Charles Elly, Retired Circuit Court Judge, former President, Law Society of England & Wales:

  • ‘A moving experience.’
  • ‘I would like to thank Scott for bringing this subject to us in this most dramatic and interesting way.’
  • ‘And to the players and to the producers for bringing it to life so dramatically.’
  • ‘We’ve ranged I think fairly far and wide about human rights [in our discussion tonight], and that’s absolutely right that we should.’

Roger Smith, Human Rights expert and author; OBE; and Law Society Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:

  • ‘I think you have to pay tribute to Scott’s work and to the actors.’
  • ‘I thought it was brilliant.’
  • ‘The device of the judge coming ‘round to lean on his colleague as a way of bringing out the issues, I thought that really worked both dramatically from [Scott’s] writing and from the way it was performed on the stage.’
  • ‘I’m a strong supporter of human rights, and I think the issues of judicial independence, judicial activism, and by implication human rights, hang over this play.’
  • ‘This is all so very relevant to today.’

Mike Clark, 2015 Cookham Festival, Event Manager-Spoken Word

  • ‘This has been a fascinating evening.’
  • ‘Scott has put before us a fascinating subject, worthy of discussion in 2015, 800 years after Magna Carta.’

Other comments received from audience members:

  •   "I felt I was there in the room with them, listening in on a real conversation.’’
  • "They were all so entirely believable in their roles.’’
  • "Nothing was over-played nor overdone – there was a true conviction in what they were saying.’’