Author to Present Lecture at the University of Reading School of Law

Scott Wright, the author of Regulation 18B-No Free Man, has been invited to speak at the historic Foxhill House at the University of Reading School of Law on the afternoon of Friday 28th October 2016, which will precede the first 2016 performance of the play at Minghella Studios. The topic of Scott's lecture will be:

The Precarious State of the Rule of Law in Troubled Times: From WWII Britain to the rise of the American Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Online Ticket Sales - Book Now For Reading Performances

The Online Store of the University of Reading has tickets on sale now for the Friday & Saturday 28-29 October performances in Reading. The play will be performed in the spectacular Minghella Studios - a modern, innovative centre for the arts, media, theatre and film. Join us at Minghella Studios  - each performance will be followed by panel discussions involving leading experts and the playwright. Book now!

To Reading University!

Regulation 18B-No Free Man has been invited by Reading University's School of Law and the Film, Theatre & Television Department for two performances, 28 & 29 October 2016 at Minghella Studios. Panel discussions will follow both performances, with a lecture by the playwright at the law school in the afternoon prior to the performance on Friday 28th October. We are delighted to bring our play to a British university for the first time. More details will follow on these and other 2016 performances and venues.


We closed out Watlington performances with full house on Saturday 13 June in the historic Town Hall, with wide-ranging interesting discussions both evenings there among our audiences and panelists.

As many of our panelists and audience members have commented on the close association between the themes of Regulation 18B-No Free Man and key principles of Magna Carta, our next city (Windsor on 26-27 June) has key importance to the play, this month being the 800th anniversary celebration of Magna Carta, and those celebrations being centered in nearby Runnymede.

Book now for Windsor!

* WINDSOR GUILDHALL!    Friday 26th June & Friday 27th June can be booked online per the following links:


Tickets On Sale Now for 3 Final Cities in 3 Distinctive & Historic Venues!


Friday 12th & Saturday 13th June, Watlington Town Hall. Tickets on sale only at the Watlington Post Office and Library on High Street. 

* WINDSOR GUILDHALL!    Friday 26th June & Friday 27th June can be booked online per the following links:

* GRAY'S INN, LONDON!    Thursday 2nd July in the Hall can be booked online per the following link:

A panel discussion follows each performance, at all venues. Stay tuned and watch for UPDATES (on both this website and on our Facebook page) as we highlight our distinguished panelists for our remaining 3 venues. 


Break-a-Leg in Brecon!

Best of luck to our amazing cast as they head to Wales!

The Wales premiere of Regulation 18B will be performed at Christ College in Brecon, Wales, Friday June 5 at 7 PM. 

Buy tickets here:

Play Off to a Fantastic Start!

Panelists and audience members are calling Regulation 18B-No Free Man a "Moving and Powerful" play, "A Must See," with themes so "Relevant" to issues being faced in the UK today. Many audience members have expressed surprise, as they expected a courtroom drama or scenes from the House of Lords, but instead are drawn in by a "gripping" drama which is "intense," "personal," and "intimate." 

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May 15 Premiere Already Sold Out!!

The Cookham Festival reports today that all tickets have been sold for the May 15 opening night of Regulation 18B-No Free Man! Many seats still available May 22-23 at Wokingham Theatre, and see new postings on ticket sales on our PERFORMANCES page for June 5 in Wales, and June 12-13 in Watlington.

First US Media Coverage on Play

This week, Regulation 18B-No Free Man was the front page feature story in the March 30, 2015 edition of Minnesota Lawyer, with a full two-pages inside devoted to the play and its background. It headlined as BRITISH DRAMA: LAWYER'S PLAY EXAMINES WWII DETENTION. The article, by Barbara Jones, opens with a great line:  "It took 16 years for Scott Wright to become an overnight success as a playwright."